What is Mini-Golf?

Miniature golf or mini golf is one of the most entertaining sports in the history of the gentlemen’s sports. It is also known by the name “putt-putt”. Though it’s parent-the Golf, is one of the most expensive sports, if not “the most expensive” but mini golf is really inexpensive when compared to that of the Golf. In mini golf, which can be considered as an indoor sport, artificial putting lines are used in addition to the artificial obstacles such as tunnels, windmills, ramps, etc.

Why Mini-Golf?

If you want to play golf and you want to have a real golfing experience, you have to invest a real deal of money to get the instruments needed to play the golf like a pro. Most of the people play golf just because it is a status symbol. In other words, if you are rich, you play golf and vice versa. In case of mini-golf, you don’t actually have to but the instruments and you can just go to a mini golfing club and can play there at really affordable prices. There are a lot of such golf clubs all around the world but Naples, Florida is really a well known venue if you want to have a heightened experience of “putt-putt”-as they call it.

Every year people escape to Naples, Florida to get through the chilling cold weather and enjoy the warmth that Naples offer. Mini-golf is very well-known here and whenever a tourist visits Naples, they for sure go for mini-golfing.

Mini-Golf Clubs in Naples

  • Coral Cay Adventure Golf: The tropical splendor at Coral Cay is really amazing and you are going to love it here. The presented course here is beautiful and still challenging for people to overcome easily but they have not kept it impossible to complete. They have caves, bridges, and hills that really make the course interesting. This place has a never ending fun for mini-golfs and once you finish the course you will want to begin all over again.
  • Coral Cay Adventure Golf: If you want to be the treasure hunter that you could never be and you love Indiana Jones from the core of your heart then this mini golf course is tailor-made for you. They have mysterious caves, serene waterfalls, rainforests and challenging golf holes. It’s really adventurous exploring the region under the open sky. It is truly fun for the whole family.
  • Castle Golf Club: This club is one of the finest and oldest in the region. It is an 18-hole parkland golf course. They offer unrivaled golfing conditions and facilities to the guests and existing members. To make the golfing conditions challenging yet interesting the holes are guarded by trees. In the castle, they have 75 bunkers to provide a great golfing experience.

Mini-golf is really becoming a sensation in the general public mostly because of the accessibility to a game which was originally made for people with high economic standards. Also, mini-golf clubs in Naples are earning huge revenues from the tourists as well as the local members because of the entertaining and challenging golf course they provide them with.  

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