What is Children’s Museum?

Children’s Museum is an organization that has been solely established for the purpose of interactive teaching to the children of all ages. The regular museums follow a policy of “Hands-off” exhibition while the children’s museums follow and interactive approach of the exhibition. Here, your children can learn through interactive play. It is really necessary for the growing minds who can grasp the thing when they can see it face to face.

Children’s Museums Vs. Regular Museums

The question that arises is why children’s museums are preferred for the children over the regular museums. First of all, you cannot learn everything by just seeing it. This is what happens in the regular museums; you cannot touch anything there and seeing this from a distance will never give you an actual knowledge of what it is. Thus, in children’s museums, they follow an approach where children are allowed to interact with the exhibits. This brings up an urge to know more.

Usually, these types of museums are set up in the region with more and more tourist crowd so as to bring up the needed attention. One of such regions is Naples, Florida. Naples has a lot of incoming tourist crowd which makes it the suitable place to set up such institutions but the most known one is the Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples or C’MON.

The Golisano Children’s Museum Of Naples(C’MON)          

This museum is the most known museum in Naples and has been dedicated for children to learn interactively. They provide the children with a hands-on experience and galleries are not restricted to just viewing. The visitors are having the freedom to travel through the swamp of Everglades, climb the two-story Banyan tree, travel through the maze, or experiment with the water playstation.

It is spread over an area of 30,000 square foot and is one of the major attractions in Naples that has 12 family fun exhibition gallery. Tourists from regions like Germany, England, Thailand and other near and far regions come visit here and learn things through an interactive, hands-on approach to becoming an engineer, a farmer, a doctor etc. and live in an igloo, climb a gigantic banyan tree and can do much more fun stuffs. They learn by doing things and not just by seeing them. It is one of the Collier country’s first and finest learning environment especially made for the children. It is really important for the kids to learn things thoroughly and enrich their grasping power before stepping onto the platform of adulthood.

The Museum’s Store and the Garden Café

The museum has been also blessed with a museum store that is open during the museum hours only. The items that are sold in the museum store has been handpicked to promote creativity and fun. And if hunger strikes after all that then you can have snacks at The Garden Café. They provide a wide range of healthy food products to satiate the hunger.

Thus, we see that how a museum for children is really important for the mental development of the growing up kids. And, Naples, Florida is really promoting this- “Have fun while you learn” program by setting up Golisano C’MON (Children’s Museum Of Naples).

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